The Polina Dress by Coffee & Thread


Olga Becker recently released a beautiful and classic new pattern called The Polina Dress.  I was immediately drawn to the vintage vibe of this dress, but had a slight worry that this dress might be a better fit for a younger audience as my tall ten year olds are getting trickier and trickier to sew for.  Of course, Olga is a master, and the Polina dress is perfection for girls of all ages and sizes.

I chose a delicate, gauzy cotton with a killer drape to better suit an older girl.  This fabric was fussy to cut, and even fussier to hem, but is dreamy to spin in!


Olga is an expert at improving your skill as a seamstress with simple, yet professional tricks.  This is the first pattern I have interfaced the neck and arm holes on a lined bodice and everything lined up so crisp and neat.
The dress has two skirt and ruffle options.  I’m really loving the gathered skirt with full ruffle and may have to throw one together for this summer.  I chose the flared ties, but accidentally attached them backwards and love them anyway.

If you ever get the opportunity to join a pattern testing group, especially Olga’s, jump!  It is a brilliant way to connect with other sewing masters and learn tricks of the trade.  As someone who loves to create for my kids, but feels maxed out by the responsibilities of life, this is a perfect way to join a creative community and learn and collaborate with others who share your passion.

Happy Sewing, Friends!———-

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Olga is offering 10% to member of her Coffee & Thread Facebook group as well as hosting a pattern giveaway.

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  1. Olga Becker

    April 10, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    The dress is sooo dreamy! I love how it turned out! So so good!

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