Diy Cheap and Easy Wall Art

This is such a great technique to add DIY interest to your home.  It is perfect on so many levels.

1. It is easy. (7 year olds completed today’s project)

2. It is cheap. (the more creative you get, the cheaper is is)
3. It is unique!


We followed the same technique as the make do and mend art from a while back.


I used a cool wrapping paper I found at Tai Pan Trading.  It is made of recycled materials and is incredibly durable. (source)  You could use fabric, or depending on the look and size you want, scraps of fabric, washi tape, scrapbook fabrics, etc. I ended up using a paint sample from Home Depot, but acrylic paints would work as well.  You could probably spray paint the thing.  It really is that easy!
We initially used Mod Podge and worked really hard to get all the bubbles out. Because I was using non-pourous materials though, the next day it began to lift. So instead we used  spray adhesive and embraced the  wrinkles. ( Is that a life lesson I need to learn?)
Once your sticker is in position, paint the entire board.  Make sure cover the line where the sticker meet.


Hang and enjoy!  (PS I used command strips and they are working like a champ!)

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  1. Gina

    January 30, 2014 at 4:51 am

    that is a fun piece of artwork!! i love the quilts on the bed too!!!

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